Start Meditating

What is Meditation ?In a stressful dark circumstance meditation is the light which is capable of clearing the darkness. Meditation is an approach to train your mind, similar to the way that exercise is an approach to train the body. Meditation clears your mind creates awareness and brings calmness and inner peace.

There are 6 popular types in meditation,Mindfulness MeditationSpiritual MeditationFocused MeditationMovement MeditationMantra MeditationTranscendental MeditationP.S : I will do a seperate blog on types of meditation to gain a in depth knowledge in that area.
How to get Started ?The easiest way to begin is to sit quietly and focus on your breathe.

Find a quiet place to practice meditationSit straightClose your eyes slowlyBegin to breathe slowly and deeplyYour mind should concentrate the path of your breathe that goes IN and OUT of your noseIf you notice yourself drifted by thoughts. Then bring your focus back to the breatheSet a timer. Start doing it for 5 minutes a daySlowly op…

Junk Food

We all must have heard the word "JUNK FOOD". But have you ever thought of its literal meaning ? Let's see..Junk Food Useless Food or  குப்பை உணவு (in tamil) So, What will happen if we take in Useless Food or குப்பை உணவு into our digestive system ?
But first, What are all the foods that comes under the "Junk Food" category ?

You will find the answers to these questions in this post !

What is Junk Food ?A food that is high in sugar, sodium (salt) and fat especially trans-fat (extremely dangerous fat that you should avoid at all cost) is known as junk food. Hence, junk food has poor nutritional value which clearly says Junk Food is Unhealthy.

Okey! Now let's take a look at list of junk foods...Disclaimer: The list is way long😝
Packaged & Canned Food Chips especially potato chips, biscuits, cookies, chocolates (except dark chocolate), candy bars, cake, muffins.
These food contains harmful preservatives  plus high amount of sugar, sodium and trans fat which mak…


Disneyland - Hongkong
This Theme park is a fairy tale inspired wonderland. It is a dream land where you can see the disney movie characters come alive. This park consists of 7 themed areas and each area has its rides, theatres and attractions related to the theme.
Main street U.S.A -  It's the entrance way to the park and also the exit way which is designed to resemble a 20th century Midwest town. This street has its way full of shops to purchase disney toys and other goodies.

Fantasy land -  It's the biggest area among others. This area has attractions and rides inspired from different disney fairytale movies like sleeping beauty, dumbo, winnie the pooh,..etc

Adventure land - This area is jungle themed and has rides, theatres and attraction inspired from disney movies like the lion king, tarzan, moana,..etc.

Tomorrowland -  This area is themed in a optimistic vision of the future. Marvel universe will be a expansion of tomorrowland

Stark Expo - This attraction is based on the Marve…

Awareness On Exercise

Nowadays we are more worried about our phone's sleek shape and energy level (battery life) than our body shape and energy level (stamina). 

Nah ! I'm not here to blame technology. It made our life easier and faster. It's we who has to be blamed. Because we have forgotten the importance of physical activities which eventually resulted us in fat gains, obesity and unhealthy body.

This post is to create an awareness on doing exercise and the purpose why it should be practiced regularly. 
Everyone must practice exercise of all age groups and of all shapes. We all have a wrong understanding about exercise, that only who are fat must do it. Well there are  people who do exercise only when they need to lose weight. But exercise is done not only to lose weight or to build a muscular body. Exercise is done to be Fit and healthy.
But Exercise is more than that...Exercise is an Elixir to life !
We will be covering Three key aspects of exercise in this post Why to do Exercise ?When to do Ex…

Becoming a morning person

Do you accept the fact that many of us are Night owls! Although some of us really wants and craves to be a morning person. We always set a early morning alarm and promise ourselves to wake-up ON time.

But the reality is.. 
When the Alarm goes on.. Either we hit the snooze button or just we ignore the alarm and endup dancing for the alarm tune in dream.
So I'm here to walk you through two simple steps on becoming a morning person
1. Go to bed early

This is the first and essential step of becoming a morning person. Say bye! bye! to late night texts, watching series, searching internet on how to train your dragon etcetera.. 
I know it's difficult to sleep early after years and years of being a night owl. The first week is going to be hard but as time you will stick yourself to the habit of sleeping early. You will need 7 - 8 hours of sleep.  Be prepared to go to bed earlier set the alarm finish the pending chats, unchecked fleetings and mails. So that you won't feel tempted to check…